Dootie Rake
Dootie Rake
Dootie Rake
Dootie Rake
Dootie Rake
Dootie Rake

Dootie Rake

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The Dootie Rake-Shovel is the Rake of Choice if You're Looking for Enhanced Scooping Performance with your GoGo Stik ST or XP Pooper Scooper. It is the Perfect Match for All GoGo Stik Pooper Scoopers.


The Dootie Rake tool can be viewed as a "Wedge" and not necessarily as a rake or small shovel scoop when used with a GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper. The Rake should actually be positioned or "Wedged" at one edge of your target poo. Then, the scooper does the scooping. Simple as that.


For a totally clean experience, place the Dootie Rake into any bag, then wrap the top of the bag around to the back and into the Bag Hole. Replace bag when desired. 


 EZ Dootie Rake-Shovel is the Strong, Light Weight and Clean Solution for Rake Up of Dog Poop, Pet Waste and Cat Liter.


 The Dootie Rake Hand (or Claw) has Five Fingers and Palm (Like an Extension of Your Own Hand) for an Easy Poop Scooping Experience.

  Save Your Back! No Bending Over - 37 inches. Cushion Grip, Strong Aluminum Telescopic Handle is Perhaps the Strongest Handle; Unlike Flimsy Plastic Handles. No Metal or Springs to Rust.

  Placing and Attaching a Bag over the Rake-Shovel Keeps Your Hands and Rake Free of All Dog Mess When Done. The Dootie Rake With Its Storage Clip is the Perfect Match for GoGo Stik Pooper Scoopers.

  10 Free Dootie Bags included!

  3 Year Warranty.

  US Utility Patent.

    Courtney demo putting a Dootie Bag onto a Dootie Rake      GoGo Stik Scoop Set, ST pooper scooper and Dootie Rake

     Click on Photos for Helpful How-to Dootie Bag Loading and How-to use the Dootie Rake with Your GoGo Stik ST Pooper Scooper. 

    GoGo Stik - When Keeping Your Hands CLEAN Matters!

    GoGo Stik Totally Clean

    Pooper Scoopers




    I didn’t hold out much hope when I ordered this. Let me say… I love it! Just recently adopted 2 pups from a pet rescue… and the thoughts of picking up warm poop made me gag just thinking about it. This does the job clean and quick! Love it!

    J. Martinez
    Houston, TX

    This Stik is the BEST!

    I just moved to a townhouse, with an HOA: must pick up all my dog’s poop! This Stik is the BEST! I pay attention and get the Stik under his rear just in time and he poops into the bag. Simple & effective!

    M. “Peg” Wilner
    Los Angeles, CA

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