Why Buy a GOGO Stik?

No Bending. No Touching or Stink. No After Cleanup! Totally Clean!

  • GOGO STIK ST (Standard) Pooper Scooper,

    Innovative Design Keeps You and Tool Clean and Sanitary Because Only the Bag Touches Your Pet’s Waste. No bending, no touching or stink and no after cleanup. Patented.


    No Bending Down. Includes telescopic adjustable aluminum handle 25″-36″ Great on walks as a Catcher. Just Quick & Clean!

  • SAVE –

    Scoop Pounds of Poop in same bag. Scoop till bag fills. Use any plastic grocery bag or use our Perfect Fit Dootie Bags. Works for Collecting Urine Samples!


    from CONTAMINATION. Bags create contamination protection barrier for you and for tool. No after use cleaning required.

  • 3 Year Warranty!

Try our popular DootieBags™

    – they’re a firm fit for your GoGo Stik!


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GOGO Stik ST Pooper Scooper



GOGO Stik ST Pooper Scooper Set

GOGO Stik Professional XP (Xtra Poop) Pooper Scooper

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