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Our Customers Love Their GoGo Stik!

***** Love this!

D. Martin – Verified Amazon Purchase
I didn’t hold out much hope when I ordered this. Let me say… I love it! Just recently adopted 2 pups from a pet rescue… and the thoughts of picking up warm poop made me gag just thinking about it. This does the job clean and quick! Love it!

***** This Stik is the BEST!

By M. “Peggy” Wilber – Amazon Verified Purchase
I just moved to a townhouse, with an HOA: must pick up all my dog’s poop! This Stik is the BEST! I pay attention and get the Stik under his rear just in time and he poops into the bag. Simple and effective!

***** The perfect solution.

By LWMon – Verified Amazon Purchase
I agree with others who have raved about this product. So simple in design yet so perfect for the intended purpose. It is also very forgiving if you do not get it assembled exactly as the directions are written. I use grocery bags all the time.

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