Dootie Bags™ (Large!)
Dootie Bags™ (Large!)
Dootie Bags™ (Large!)
Dootie Bags™ (Large!)
Dootie Bags™ (Large!)
Dootie Bags™ (Large!)

Dootie Bags™ (Large!)

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 1 Box of 100 Large Form-Fit Poop Bags


Need a better poop bag? Compare dimensions: 16" (long) x 7"(wide) x 5"( each side gusset), Volume: 1.5 gal. Looking for better bags? These Large Dootie Bags are easy to use and hold a lot! Dootie Bags are large, strong, reliable, and are specially designed to fit your GoGo Stik pooper scooper. Scoop pounds of poop in one bag to make your dog or pet waste waste scooping faster and less wasteful.

 Large Strong Easy-Tie Handle Bags - Holds Pounds of Poop in a single bag!
Dimensions: 16" Length, 7" Width Volume: 1.5 gal.

 Dootie Bags are Leak Proof.

 Includes Large 5" Side Gussets That Makes for a Large Bag. Since it Holds More, You Use Fewer Bags!

 Large Dootie Bags Offer the Best Fit for Your GoGo Stik ST Pooper Scooper. Will also fit the XP Pooper Scooper.

 Dootie Bags are made of lightweight, strong, leak proof (made with corn starch), and printed with water-based inks. 

 Package is 100% Recycled Material. Dispense Bags from Punch Out on the Back of Box.

Large, strong, easy disposable Dootie Bags are designed to fit your GoGo Stik just right, and they’re big enough for whole-yard cleanup!



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Customer Reviews

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GoGo Stik Totally Clean

Pooper Scoopers, Catchers, Dootie Bags and Accessories



I didn’t hold out much hope when I ordered this. Let me say… I love it! Just recently adopted 2 pups from a pet rescue… and the thoughts of picking up warm poop made me gag just thinking about it. This does the job clean and quick! Love it!

J. Martinez
Houston, TX

This Stik is the BEST!

I just moved to a townhouse, with an HOA: must pick up all my dog’s poop! This Stik is the BEST! I pay attention and get the Stik under his rear just in time and he poops into the bag. Simple & effective!

M. “Peg” Wilner
Los Angeles, CA

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