Videos – Using Your GoGo Stik

Helpful videos demonstrating how to use your GoGo Stik to clean up dog waste. (Click “HOW TO” for a more complete list of our Quick Tip videos)

The GoGo Stik is the Cleanest dog waste removal tool available. With the GoGo Stik you can quickly clean up dog waste and move on to other activities with your family. Take it on walks to clean up your dog’s mess from sidewalks, long grass, gravel, snow and more.

The GoGo Stik works great in long or short grass. Quickly clean your whole yard before you mow and avoid stepping in a mess!
Courtney gives a quick simple 1,2,3 GoGo Stik demonstration.
GoGo Stik – short video on how to load a shopping bag with handles.
GoGo Stik – Quick Driveway Cleanup.
The GoGo Stik works great on most any surface. It’s the cleanest waste cleanup tool available. This video will demonstrate why.
Before GoGo Stik, dog dootie cleanup was a miserable task and seemed to take forever, but not any more!
Really! Use any style bag – even a bread bag.

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