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Contact: Alec Beaton
Beaton Innovations, LLC

Syracuse NY, USA., on March 12, 2014 – Beaton Innovations, LLC product inventor, Alec Beaton announced that they were unveiling their new patented revolutionary pet product at Global Pet Expo 2014, March 12-14, in Orlando, FL.
GoGo Stik, the Ultimate Dual-Edged Super Scoop! promises to bring a greater level of pet enjoyment by helping to eliminate the daily dreaded thoughts and tasks associated with cleaning up after pets.
GoGo Stik! was showcased at Global Pet Expo for the first time and was one of the hottest pet products released this year. Beaton said, “with Clean and Green being in fashion, we are very excited to reveal this revolutionary new product at Global Pet Expo. There’s never been a better time to bring a product like this to market to further enhance the enjoyment of pet ownership”.
GoGo Stik! is available on and we anticipate that it will soon be available to the public in 2014 at many pet superstores and local pet supply shops. Beaton Innovations has priced the GoGo Stik! at $24.99. Media and buyers attending the show can visit Beaton Innovations at BOOTH 551.
Beaton Innovations, LLC is a company that has successfully transformed this product from concept to a quality product. Years of testing and development has yielded a simple but extremely functional product for the ages. A U.S. patent was issued in August 2013 for the GoGo Stik! Please visit for more information.

GoGo Stik used to collect urine samples…

Yet another great use for GoGo Stik.  Urine sample collection.  This was just recently done by a CNY GoGo Stik user over the 2013-2014 winter!  Due to a urinary infection, Joe G. was asked to produce three days of urine samples by his hound’s Veterinarian.  He wondered how he was ever going to get this done especially in the snow.  It turned out to be a snap when he thought of using the GoGo Stik to do the job.  He merely loaded a Zip Lock bag onto the GoGo Stik for a quick clean solution to the problem.

See the Youtube video of how easy it is to load a Zip Lock bag!  This could really come in handy for you someday!  GoGo Stik as Urine Collector


GoGo Stik Dual-Edged Super Scoop! will be available on with a 20% discount GPE show special this week!
It’s a great time to get yours now!

American Pet Products Association

appa logoWe are pleased to announce that we now have membership with the American Pet Products Association (APPA) .

The APPA was founded in 1958 and is the leading not-for-profit trade association made up of over 1000 pet product manufacturers, their representatives, importers and livestock suppliers. Their memberships consists of a diverse group representing both large corporations and growing business enterprises worldwide.

APPA’s mission is to promote, develop and advance pet ownership and the pet products industry and to provide the services necessary to help its members prosper.

Helping Hounds in DeWitt – Joe, Cathy, and Andrew – great seeing you again.

You guys are doing such a fine job here.  What a great establishment!  Very happy to see your first impressions of the GoGo Stik!

To see how the GoGo Stik works, check out some of our videos below.