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Got goose poop? Here’s the scoop!

Goose Poop Sticker
Honk if you love geese!

O.K., honk if you hate goose poop! The GoGo Stik isn’t just for cleaning up after your doggy! You can also use it to pick up any little piles that critters leave behind. If your property is a popular hangout for geese, you know they can create quite a mess. Try using the GoGo Stik to make quick work of cleaning up after the flock flies, and before the flies flock.

New use for the GoGo Stik!

New use for the GoGo Stik!

Subject: New use for the GoGo Stik!

Dear GoGo Stik,
Wanted to let you know about another application for the scooper. It has worked well in cleaning up after two dogs in the back yard for the past year, I appreciate the no-hassle cleanup. My Vet recently asked for a three day first AM urine sample from our older pet as he is diagnosing a possible kidney issue. I thought about the best way to get the sample from our short female dog and knew it would not be easy or clean.
The GoGo Stik immediately came to mind. With the addition of a zip-loc bag, I was able to get my sample by simply holding the open bag under her to catch the stream without disruption, mess, or upsetting her during her first morning tinkle. Great adaptation of a very useful tool. Kacey has been cleared of any kidney issues and we owe you a “thanks” for making our part of the diagnostic process a breeze.

Joe & Cathy
Upstate NY.