Tips! • Use Any Bag

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Load any bag into the head of the GoGo Stik

Load any bag

Firmly attach your bag on to the GoGo Stik head. Do this step correctly and your bag will stay on and the GoGo Stik will remain Clean.

Here’s How

First insert the bag into the head. Next, drape and then tuck the top front edge of bag over the top front of the blade.
If the bag has handles, poke them into the bottom gripper.
If the bag has no handles, poke the top part of the bag closest to you into the top gripper.

Scoop the poop with a little twist and a flick of the wrist.Scoop the Poop

The Wrist Controls the Stik!

Position yourself for the best scooping action very close to the poo object. Stand just to the side of it or behind it. Place the blade of the tool right next to the poo – just touching it! Keep the blade against the object close to the ground as you scoop through. Choose to keep the edge down and twist your wrist left and right. Work the blade under the poo as you scoop through. Remember, a little twist and a flick of the wrist!

Discard the bag in a pet waste container

Discard the Bag

De-bag the opposite way that you bagged the GoGo Stik. If you poked the bag handles into the bottom gripper when you first loaded the GoGo Stik, just do the opposite and poke down through the top gripper to push the handles out!

Then, just drop the bag in the trash. Your hands and the GoGo Stik are clean!

See the GoGo Stik in action!

Courtney cleans up in under 45 seconds!

Courtney Performs a Sidewalk Demo!

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