Quick Tips


TIP - check out the YouTube quick tip video links below!

1. Load any bag

TIP - Determine Which Type Bag You're Using.

Firmly attach your bag on to the GoGo Stik head using the Orange Grippers with or without the Rear Hooks. Do this step correctly and your bag will stay on and the GoGo Stik will remain Clean.

Begin by inserting the bag into the head with your hand.

Then Choose: 

If you're using a Dootie Bag, use the Hooks. Begin by placing one bag handle loop over a rear hook on the GoGo Stik head. Next drape the top edge of bag around the blade (or shovel) and tuck under. Place the other handle loop over the 2nd rear hook.    https://bit.ly/3xSFINP
    If the bag you're using is a large bag that has long handles, use Hooks and Orange Gripper. Pull the bag handles back and under the head then with your finger, poke them into the bottom orange gripper. https://bit.ly/3xUAJfw
      If you're bag has no handles, use the Orange Grippers. With your finger, poke the top part of the bag closest to you into the top orange gripper.  https://bit.ly/2TqLDKY

        2. Scoop the Poop

        TIP - The Wrist Controls the Stik!

        Position yourself for the best scooping action very close to the poo object. Stand just to the side of it or behind it. Place the blade of the scooper just under the edge of your target. Choose to keep the edge down and twist your wrist a bit so that the blade works itself under the target as you scoop through. Remember, a little twist and a flick of the wrist!  https://bit.ly/373eYhT

        3. Discard the Bag

        Release the bag the opposite way that you loaded it on to the GoGo Stik. If you poked the bag handles into the bottom gripper when you first loaded the GoGo Stik, just do the opposite and poke down through the top gripper to push the handles out! Simple as that. Tie off the bag handle (if your bag has them) and discard, keeping your hands and scooper clean!