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One-third of Dog Owners Take Their Pet to a Dog Park

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Are you one of the one-third of Dog Owners who take their pooch to a Dog Park
Let the puppies play! In the past year, 33% of dog owners have taken their pet to a dog-specific park. The frequency of going to a dog park is the same regardless of the number of dogs owned. However, considerably more owners in the Northeast go to dog parks than owners in other regions (39% compared to 30% in the North Central region, which reports having fewer dog parks in general compared to other regions). Owners with large or medium size dogs are more likely to go to a dog park than owners of small dogs. Interestingly, almost half of all Gen Y dog owners (born between 1980-1994) go to a dog park with their pet, while Builder dog owners (born between 1925-1945) are far less likely to go to such a park (47% compared to 16%).[source:2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey]

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