GoGo Stik Review from CH with a Great Dane with a large mess!

Great Product, Our Yard is Clean
By CH “NOVA-Shopper”on July 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have a Great Dane and she makes, well, a large mess. I prefer to pick up after her every time she goes so nobody has to worry about stepping in anything when out in the yard and the GoGo stick makes this extremely easy. I pop in a bag and push it through the bag gripper (we don’t use the kind with handles, just the rectangle bags and it works great) and scoop, and hold it over the trash bin and pull the bag out of the gripper and it falls into the trash without ever having to get near the poo. She is so tall I can even slide the GoGo stick loaded with a bag under her and she doesn’t even notice it, so I can get everything in the bag without it touching the grass and cringe a little less when she then decides to go roll around outside. It has definitely made life easier!