The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper!™

HEAVY Dootie Poop Bags™ (Really Large!)

$ 13.95

1 Box of 100 Extra Large, Form-Fit Poop Bags

Heavy Dootie Poop Bags are among the largest, most preferred pet waste bags available on the market. They are also designed to fit your XP GoGo Stik.

  • Extra Large 18 “x 11″ x 5.25” gussets
  • Volume: 2.8 Gal.
  • Handle Tie Bags
  • Great Fit for Your GoGo Stik
  • FREE Shipping!

Looking for better bags? Get Heavy Dootie Bags for your GoGo Stik®. They are specially designed to fit your GoGo Stik. Heavy Dootie Bags are large, reliable, and easily fits your GoGo Stik. Scoop up more in one bag to make your waste collection process even less wasteful.


Extra Large HEAVY Dootie Poop Bags™ are designed to fit your XP GoGo Stik.

Extra Large, strong, easy disposable Dootie Bags are among the largest and most preferred pet waste cleanup bag on the market and are designed to fit your GoGo Stik just right. They’re big enough for whole-yard cleanup!

Heavy Dootie Bags are made of lightweight, strong, leakproof bioplastic (HDPE and Corn starch), and printed with water-based inks.

Now you can have the perfect one-two clean up system to keep your yard and walks pet-waste free.





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