The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper!™

GoGo Stik E-Z Clean ST Pooper Scooper and Dootie Rake Set

$ 44.95

GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper – ST (standard model)
E-Z Dootie Rake
EZ Clip for easy storage.

  • 36 inches
  • You and Tools Stay Clean!
  • Hygienic Protection from bag barrier.
  • Scoop up many pounds of poo into a bag.
  • Scoop on All Surfaces.
  • 10 Free Form Fit Dootie Bags.
  • 3 yr Activation Warranty!



NEW! GoGo Stik Scoop Set. The Totally Clean ST (Standard) Pooper Scooper with EZ Dootie Rake. You and Tool Stay Clean. Use anywhere any surface. 25 to 36 inch adjustable handles. Storage Clip for easy storing.

GoGo Stik E-Z CLEAN SCOOP SET. Length:36″
No bending, no touching or stink and no after cleanup! Bag barrier provides Hygienic Protection. You and Tools Stay Clean When Done! That’s what the GoGo Stik pooper scooper cleanup tools from Pooch Approved Products, are all about. This set includes the GoGo Stik ST (Standard) pooper scooper and the Gogo Stik Dootie Rake, E-Z clip for easy storage, and 10 free Form-Fit Dootie Bags.

Scoop Pounds of Poo with the Same Bag. Use for all pet waste cleanup and for fast Goose Poop Scooping.
Save – Use our Form-Fit Dootie Bags (10 free sample pack) or any plastic store bag.
Scoop on all surfaces! Light weight and strong with no moving parts. 3 Year Warranty. IMPROVED Firm Telescopic Handle. Save your Back 36 inches, no bending down.
Use the E-Z Clip to clip both tools together then hang tools up with built in handle loop for quick easy storage till next time.

Play time in the yard with your furry friend is the best, but cleaning up after him is no fun, which is why you need the GoGo Stik ST and Dootie Rake Scoop Set from Pooch Approved Products. Thanks to the patented, innovative hygienic design, only the bag touches the waste, so you never have to worry about keeping the scoop clean and sanitary after scooping. The set includes the GoGo Stik ST pooper scooper and the GoGo Stik Dootie. It’s lightweight and so easy to use. Thanks to the ergonomic cushion grip and telescoping handle that extends up to 36 inches. Using the Rake with the ST Scooper allows for scooping for any challenging indoor or outdoor challenging surface. This scooper combination is also an effective, clean, and quick way to clean up nasty goose droppings on your lawn or public park area. The ST Scoop set is a nice cleanup solution to nuisance geese.


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