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GoGo Stik E-Z Wedge (rake alternative)

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GoGo Stik E-Z Wedge for your GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper! Super Effective Rake Alternative tool you can use with your ST or XP pooper scooper for all Difficult & Challenging Surfaces – Comes with E-Z Clip for east tool storage, FREE Shipping! 3 Year Activation Warranty!Rake alternative. Use with your GoGo Stik ST or XP Scooper.

  • Scoop anytime anywhere. On all difficult & challenging surfaces!
  • Save Your Back! No Bending Over – 35 inches.
  • Stays Totally Clean with Patented bag attachment system.
  • 10 Free Dootie Bags and E-Z Clip included! 3 Year Warranty.
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The E-Z Wedge is a super effective rake alternative tool designed for use with your GoGo Stik ST or XP Pooper Scooper on all difficult & challenging surfaces like:

√ Flat Concrete Floor
√ Gravel or Stone
√ Obnoxious Grass Weed

Ideal for quick cleanup in large pens, arenas, or  dog runs.

√ No Bending Over
√ Quick & Clean
√ Very Lightweight

How to use the E-Z Wedge

To use, place the E-Z Wedge firmly behind your target. Then use your
GoGo Stik ST or XP to scoop into the E-Z Wedge to scoop the poop. It’s that simple!

To keep it clean, place any bag over the E-Z Wedge blade, then
wrap the top of the bag around of the back and into the bag hole. Replace bag when desired. Store both tools together with the E-Z Storage Clip till next use.


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