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Dexter’s Doggie Bag™ – Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser

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Dexter’s Doggie Bag – Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser
Save and Reuse your plastic bags. Just stik your bags in the top…then pull ’em out the bottom when needed. Now it’s simple to manage and organize those cluttering piles of loose bags around the house. Keep them in one place for quick access – in Dexter’s Doggie Bag!

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Dexter’s Doggie Bag™
Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser

> No More Piles of Loose Bags Around the House
> Keep Bags Organized in One Convenient Place
> Provides Easy Access to Bags
> Elastic Bottom Opening Keeps Bags Secure
> Includes Five Inch Cord for Easy Hanging
> Durable & Machine Washable

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Length: 18"
Diameter: 6.5"
Capacity: 50+ plastic shopping bags

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