Dog Duty: Laws about your dog and service dogs in Florida

Dog Duty: Laws about your dog and service dogs in Floridaseal

People in Florida love their dogs! We have some big fans in Florida and as a shout out to them, here are a few interesting laws that you may or may not be aware of.  Very important to the state of Florida, are some laws pertaining to offenses to service dogs that we would like to share with you. Also, on the other end of the stik, so speak, we dug up an interesting article in the Tampa Times, that deals with an amended ordinance on one of our favorite topics – handling dog waste!
First, what is neat about the following laws are their firm standing on police dogs, fire dogs and search and rescue dogs. As valued members of these various organizations, these laws offer protection for dogs and for the most part, are exempt from many quarantine and bite laws. You can check out the specifics of these laws here.

(Chapter 843 – Offenses against police dogs, fire dogs, SAR dogs, or police horses...)


As it is with all states, laws vary from municipality to municipality. Many jurisdictions have leash laws and ordinances pertaining to dog excrement on both residential and commercial property. (Handy that GoGo Stik can help you with that).  Many of these exist as a result of nuisance situations.  For instance, according to an interesting article in the Tampa Bay Times, ” St. Petersburg plugs loophole in pooper-scooper law 05/08/12″ (St. Petersburg),  City Council members approved an amended ordinance.   Assistant attorney Erica Smith, stated days before it went before the City Council,

” We’re going to enlarge it so now no property, whether residential or commercial, could have dog excrement on it to the extent that it creates a health hazard or a public nuisance.”

To us responsible dog owners, this means a lot of scooping and cleaning. The best part, is you can use any bag and save money while following the law. (Maybe that’s why Florida loves the GoGo Stik?)`


Disclaimer: These laws can vary by court of course and should not be taken as legal advice. Use your judgment when it comes to your pet care and be aware of local ordinances that may enhance or deter the laws mentioned above.