About Us

Our Story…

My wife Cindy is a cancer survivor. She’s been in the remission stage for ten years now (Yay!)  During the ordeal with an operation and chemo treatments, she decided that she wanted a special companion (other than me!?) to go on walks with. We actually acquired many great furry companions over the years which led to a utility patent for some great new cleanup tools and a thriving business.

The GoGo Stik…

Our great companions, a pack of various canines provided me with a daily outdoor cleanup task. But, somehow this task led me to finding a better “mouse trap” or cleaning tool that I found to eliminate the dreadful thoughts of doing the everyday cleanup. I tried a number of the leading “pooper scoopers” or pickers and contraptions but all had limitations. After numerous design revisions and prototypes and everyday dootie testing with my beloved canine product development team, GoGo Stik The Totally Clean Super Scoop was born!

The very talented artist Jerry Russell (Studio 309) has given GoGo Stik a special dimension and a presence with the work he has done with our logos, packaging and our website. We should mention that our mascot pooch on our logos and website is named “Dexter” in tribute to a very special friend of Jerry and his wife Becky.

Dexter passed after living a very short but wonderful life. He was adopted from a shelter as a pup and shortly thereafter battled with a cancer that left him with 3 legs. He was a real trooper until his last days.

GoGo Stik – The Totally Clean Super Scoop was formally released at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando on March 5th, 2014 and has found its way around the world. Tens of thousands of users are experiencing the great benefits and flexibility of this tool. You can grow with it. The more you use it, the better and faster you get with it!

Check it out at youtube gogo stik playlist, http://bit.ly/2tjX4BR

Our Mission

Most important, I want you to know that we’re a different kind of company with a special message and a new type of Scooper. The down side misery of the clean up after a great pet is a thing of the past. Your Gogo Stik will help create a pet positive lifetime experience with your best furry friend. I wish for you to feel and experience these benefits. Yes, the GoGo Stik was developed out of a labor of love.

Our Promise

We are now a small company and have partnered with JM Murray, a local company who have wonderful disabled folks that we are so delighted and proud to work with. We stand 100% by the GoGo Stik products. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes, just reach out and contact me.  🙂 Your feedback and satisfaction is my top priority.

Happy Scoopin’ & Catchin’!

Alec Beaton

Inventor and Founder

Pooch Approved Products, USA

Finally, GoGo Stik®  Pooper Scooper Cleanup Tools!

No More Messy Cleanups!PAP LOGO V2 22FEB16 small

The only Totally Clean, Hygienic Pooper Scoopers that are Pooch Approved!  Scoop & Collect till the Bag Fills up.

It’s true, a clean yard means a clean house inside. Just think, no more messy paws tracking inside on your furniture, floor, and beds! GoGo Stik cleanup tools are perfect for those of us that dread yard waste cleanup! These are must-have everyday pooper scooper tools that makes real sense! GoGo Stik tools outperforms all other devices.  “NOTHING COMES CLOSE! says Wanda E. from Montreal, CA.

For fun and easy tips to load any bag and get the most from your GoGo Stiks, go to our youtube playlist:  GoGo Stik Quick Tip Videos

GoGo Stiks offers a clean, quick and economical any bag solution for total yard cleanup in minutes. Just load them with most any bag and with a simple scoop, you’re done or keep the same bag on for more scooping then discard it and you’re ready for the next time.  No need to pull out the hose!

GoGo Stiks are very durable, strong and lightweight. They sport a nice handle grip, are symmetrically balanced for easy handling and can be hung up when not in use. The head of the GoGo Stik Scoopers feature a patented dual-edged blade and bag attachment system which provides great flexibility for attaching bags of many different styles and sizes (even use a large Zip Lock bag for urine samples). They are the only patented scoopers that has 2 shovel type blades for quick and clean pickups! Use the rounded blade for grass, sand, snow or other uneven surfaces. Use the straight blade for flat walk surfaces. Take your GoGo Stik ST along for walks with your dog for a super clean Catch N’ Go! experience. Multiple uses for GoGo Stik scoopers also include Urine sample Collection, cleanup of geese poop, etc… Member of American Pet Products Association.

Bag Loaded

SMALL BAGS with no handles – PULL’N POKE  With the bag placed through the hoop, just Pull back on the  top edge and Poke it into the top Gripper! You’re ready for a fast, Clean pickup!


The GoGo Stik’s flexible Grippers are easy on fingers and hold bags securely.