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9 Types of Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog

stock photo9 Types of Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog
Macadamia nuts, onions and grapes make the list.

By Joan Salge Blake | Contributor Aug. 15, 2016, at 6:00 a.m.

Molly always enjoys her annual birthday celebration with her favorite treats, and Henry dons his designer raincoat and boots when he walks outside in the rain. Both Molly and Henry have one thing in common: They have four legs and a tail. While we often treat our dogs not merely as pets, but rather as an important family member, there are times when we have to remember – for their safety’s sake – that these family members aren’t human.

The Food and Drug Administration recently released consumer health information reminding dog owners that there are numerous human foods that your pooch cannot tolerate, and if consumed, may cause serious medical issues for your pet.

While many dog owners know that giving Fido chocolate can causing poisoning, there other less known but equally important edibles that need to be kept away from your dog. Here are some foods that you should avoid giving to your four-legged friends:

Grapes, Raisins and Currents

While these naturally sweet gems from Mother Nature can be a tasty way to add good nutrition to your diet, they can cause kidney failure in certain breeds of dogs, according to the FDA. While the mechanism for the kidney failure is not known, it can occur if the grapes, raisins and currents are consumed raw or even in cooked products, such as cookies, fruit cake and snack bars.

Macadamia Nuts

Forget sharing your white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies with your canine buddy. While these nuts are healthy for humans to enjoy, they can be toxic if consumed by your dog. Similar to grapes, the mechanism for the toxicity is unknown.

Onions, Garlic and Chives

While these foods add flavor to any dish, they shouldn’t be in your dog’s dinner dish. Onions, garlic and chives, even the dried powdered forms, contain compounds called organosulfides, which are converted to toxic sulfur compounds in dogs. Cooking or processing these foods will not eliminate the toxins – so forget about spooning salsa, chili or dips containing these foods into your dog’s dinner.


This lower calorie sugar substitute, which can be found in sugarless gum, candies, some peanut butters and diet cookies, can also be deadly to your dog. While xylitol is safe for human consumption, it can stimulate the release of insulin, which causes a rapid drop in blood glucose levels in your dog. Xylitol has also been associated with liver failure in dogs – so keep the sugarless candies out of your dog’s reach.

Raw Meat

To avoid foodborne illness, better known as food poisoning, you should not eat uncooked or undercooked poultry and meat, and the same goes for your dog. Bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella in raw meat and poultry, can sicken both of you. Also make sure you don’t accidentally cross-contaminate your dog’s foods with these raw foods. For example, if you create hamburgers from raw ground beef or bread raw chicken, don’t dip into the treat jar without first washing your hands, warns the FDA. The pathogens on your dirty hands can contaminate the treat being gobbled by your dog. It’s a good habit to always wash your hands after touching raw meat and poultry.

Joan Salge Blake CONTRIBUTOR
Joan Salge Blake is a Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University and the author of “Nutrition & You,” 3rd Edition, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings (2014), “Nutrition & You: Core Concepts to Good Health,” Pearson/Benjamin Cummings (2010), and “Eat Right The E.A.S.Y. Way,” Prentice Hall Press (1991). She is the co-author of “Nutrition: From Science to You,” Pearson/Benjamin Cummings (2016). Joan has conducted more than 1,000 media interviews and has been quoted in or written for various media outlets, such as the New York Times, Food Network, Newsweek, Washington Post, Forbes, Prevention, WebMD, Consumer Reports, Boston Globe, Newsday, Time, The Atlanta Journal Constitution Readers Digest, and Cosmopolitan, People, Parade, Cooking Light, Parents, Shape, Self, More, Sports Illustrated, Woman’s Day, More, All You and O magazines. She has appeared on CBS, The Early Show, CNN, CBS News Boston, NBC News, Boston, NPR and Fox TV, Boston. In 2012, Joan was named by Good Housekeeping Magazine as the expert to follow on Twitter for healthy eating. She is currently working towards her doctorate. Follow her on Twitter at: @JoanSalgeBlake.

This is by far the best scooper I’ve purchased says Professional Trainer…

This is by far the best scooper I’ve purchased
By The Dog Diva on August 17, 2016
Size: 25″-35″|Verified Purchase
This is by far the best scooper I’ve purchased. I’m a professional trainer with fairly severe arthritis. I still need to be able to pick up poop despite not being able to bend, though. After all, how would it look for a pro to disregard the poop scoop law? The GoGo Stik is lightweight and does not get dirty while in use. I love that it’s collapsible and more convenient to carry. But the best part is being able to really use it for multiple scoops (for dogs that walk and go, and go…even BIG dogs), and to be able to literally use any bag. If I accidentally run out of Dootie Bags, I can buy a different brand or use whatever my clients have handy, or duck into a nearby store and grab whatever bags they sell (or use a plastic shopping bag from another purchase). This has made my life so much easier!

Flea infestation worse this year than in previous years, veterinarian says

Here is article from KSAT in San Antonio By Ashly Custer – Reporter
Posted: 8:41 AM, August 03, 2016
Updated: 8:44 AM, August 03, 2016

SAN ANTONIO – While flea problems tend to spike during the warmer summer months, the infestation this year seems to be worse than previous years.3 retrievers

A local veterinarian told us that she’s seeing more pets being brought in with flea-related issues.

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“They are going crazy. What we’re seeing is that people will call that have never had fleas before and they are seeing fleas on their pets. Some of these pets are indoor only — they go outside to go to the bathroom and they come back in and they are getting fleas,” said veterinarian Dr. Lori Stephens.

As a result, Stephens is also noticing more of her furry clients with allergies.

“(They have) a rash, hair loss, and (are) real itchy. The pattern of it is usually around the back end and tail area,” Stephens said. “Another good place to look into is when they are on their back.”

The tiny, jumping bloodsuckers may seem small, but they can cause big problems.

“Some dogs are very allergic, and they will chew themselves up until we get the fleas under control,” Stephens said.

Not only can constant itching lead to open sores vulnerable to infection, but fleas also carry tapeworms and can cause anemia.

“Under 12 weeks of age, (dogs) can actually get anemic from the flea bites and pass away from that,” Stephens said.

The pests are increasingly tougher to eradicate,” she said.

“The last few years, what we’ve been seeing in San Antonio especially, is that the fleas are not dying off with the topical medication. So we’re seeing I don’t know if you’d call it a resistance, but we are seeing live fleas on these dogs that have been treated with these medications that we’ve used for so long,” she said.

Stephens recommends oral flea treatments and suggests that pet owners see a vet so your beloved pettheir pets can be placed on a customized flea treatment plan.

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