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Pets on trains a hit for Amtrak and riders

Pets on trains a hit for Amtrak and riders

Pets on trains a hit for Amtrak and riders

Amtrak had recently started a pilot allowing small cats and dogs on Acela for weekend rides. The cost of bringing a pet is $25, in addition to the human’s ticket. Tucker, all three pounds of him, was among the first passengers, and Moche was delighted. After the success of a 2014 pilot program in Illinois and a much larger pilot along the Northeast Corridor this past fall and winter, Amtrak announced in February that its pet program on the Northeast Regional and Downeaster routes (from Norfolk, Va., to Brunswick, Maine) would become permanent. They also added the service for longer trips, for which all of the legs (pun intended) do not exceed seven hours. The longer Auto Train from Virginia to Florida, for instance, is not included. At the same time, they announced the Acela Express pilot, which runs into June.

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New and Improved GoGo Stik Now Available!

We at Pooch Approved Products, USA announced  the new and improved GoGo Stik at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando March 16, 17 & 18. The new GoGo Stik offers in addition to the total yard cleanup features, a high quality aluminum telescopic handle with a comfort grip that will make it very mobile. This handle opens up to a total length just over 35 inches. It can close down to a total length of 25 inches for ease of portability. It also includes a stylish and rugged blister package for easier shipping. The 10 free dootie bags are also included.

List price is $38.99.  The Amazon and retail price is be $29.99.  Amazon will begin listing this new tool on April 21st.Pooch Approved Products Sales Sheet BACK 30%

GoGo Stik – This DIZZY senior loves it!

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My german shorthaired pointer lives with me at an assisted living facility. Using traditional tools to pick-up after her was not an option, since there wasn’t a place to wash the soiled tools off outside. And I surely did not want those stinky things in my apartment. I had been using the old baggy-over-the-hand method of picking up, but found myself fearful of losing my balance as I bent over the pile. A nose dive would not be pretty!

It took me two days to master the wrist/twist motion necessary to scoop. Once a 9 day stretch of snow & ice prevented me from picking up. The courtyard was an unsightly mess. Armed with my Go-Go Stik, I picked it ALL up in ONE BAG. And the tool was CLEAN!!!