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Review by Troy H…”Very cool and useful tool…”

Very cool and useful tool for cleaning up after your dog


on July 29, 2015  Verified Purchase
Very cool little gadget for cleaning up after you dog without getting poo on your hands trying to pick up dog doo with a bag. Another great advantage of this handy thing is that you can use regular plastic store bags and don’t have to purchase special/proprietary bags. I use it to pick up poo from the entire yard at once instead of following my dog around with it and picking up just one. It can hold A LOT of dog waste, actually several pounds of it, then just undo the plastic bag from the tool, tie a knot in the bag and drop it in the trash can. Simple, easy, clean. It’s wonderful!

GoGo Stik product review from Todd T., Destin Fl

Todd T., DESTIN, FL July 19, 2015
(Verified Amazon Purchase)
I’ve tried all of the top sellers and this one is the absolute best! Bags go on easily. They cover the entire scoop. It scoops well in all surfaces. No moving parts to wear out or break. Pretty much the perfect scoop.

GoGo Stik Review from CH with a Great Dane with a large mess!

Great Product, Our Yard is Clean
By CH “NOVA-Shopper”on July 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have a Great Dane and she makes, well, a large mess. I prefer to pick up after her every time she goes so nobody has to worry about stepping in anything when out in the yard and the GoGo stick makes this extremely easy. I pop in a bag and push it through the bag gripper (we don’t use the kind with handles, just the rectangle bags and it works great) and scoop, and hold it over the trash bin and pull the bag out of the gripper and it falls into the trash without ever having to get near the poo. She is so tall I can even slide the GoGo stick loaded with a bag under her and she doesn’t even notice it, so I can get everything in the bag without it touching the grass and cringe a little less when she then decides to go roll around outside. It has definitely made life easier!

GoGo Stik Review – Matt M. says “This thing is a back saver on walks…”

By Matt M. July 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
Product it great. I have a dog who lost a ridiculous amount of weight due to thyroid medication and he requires over feeding to not look sickly. However, this causes him to poop 4 times a day. This thing is a back saver on walks as he may go twice. Holds bags well and all that good stuff.

GoGo Stik Customer Review “No more yucky scooper!

5 STAR This is clean, effective, and easy!
By Amazon Customer on July 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
No more yucky scooper! This is clean, effective, and easy! I have a dog and twin toddlers. I’m picking up my dogs messes in the backyard every day. My old claw style scooper was gross and I dreaded the thought of one of my twins finding it and playing with it while I was helping the other. Love it! Plus it gives me an easier way to reuse my plastic shipping bags.

Nashville Paw Magazine, Heather Dowdy Endorses GoGo Stik, Totally Clean Pooper Scooper!

Nashville Paw Magazine, Heather Dowdy Endorses GoGo Stik, Totally Clean Pooper Scooper on FB

July 1st
Dog parents! If you’re like me, picking up the poo from your yard is one of your least favorite chores. I have tried so many poop scoopers – they either break, or don’t get the mess from longer grass, or get filthy and have to be washed.
Then, Gogostik sent me one of their scoopers to try. Yes, they have an ad in our magazine and I received a free scooper to try out – but I am not being paid to write this post. I truly LOVE this scooper and I want to share this video because I really do think it can make cleaning up your yard so much easier. It uses any size plastic grocery or pick-up bag, which keeps the actual scooper clean… and, it works awesome at cleaning poo even from our taller fescue grass, which other scoopers had a hard time with.
I sincerely wanted to share this demonstration in case you are looking for a good scooper for your own yard. It’s been super helpful with our 3 dogs and at keeping our yard clean!