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GoGo Stik June 30, 2015 review from Kay L. “Absolutely Brilliant…My dog approves!”

5 – Absolutely brilliant.
By Kay L. June 30, 2015, Verified Amazon Purchase

I walk my dog daily, and have been doing so for the past 5 years. I have been meaning to find some sort of a “pooper scooper” for quite some time now, and I’m glad I landed on the GoGo Stik. The design is so simple, yet complex in its entirety. I was stoked to see that it came with sample bags designed for the unit. The bag installation is very easy and secure. I may purchase more of the Dootie Bags, mainly because they’ve got a great name. Yet, I’m also glad that I can use other bags in the mean time, like plastic grocery bags. The GoGo Stik is very light and easy to carry around, even on a 30 minute walk. It’s long enough to keep the smell of the poo away from your nose, which is a problem of mine. The smell always gets to me. Anyway, every dog owner should have a GoGo Stik, whether you need it on walks or just need to clean up the back yard. My dog approves!
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To see how the GoGo Stik works, check out some of our videos below.