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Our Story – GoGo Stik The Totally Clean Dual-Edged Super Scoop!

You may ask where did this design come from?  Good question.  It actually evolved over a number of years of trial and error  with the help of my favorite buddies.  Further, if it wasn’t for them, the product simply wouldn’t exist.  You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated group of reliable workers.  This team works for food (and love of course) and is ready for dootie every day!!! But, there’s more to our story…

Meet the members of the GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper Development Team! 

blog pic of GGS Development Team

From left to right: Mr. Brooklyn, Papi, Miss Genie, and Kyto.


Our Story – GOGO STIK – The Totally Clean Dual-Edge Super Scoop…

My wife Cindy is a surviving cancer patient. She’s been in the remission stage for eight years now. After the ordeal with an operation and chemo treatments, she decided that she wanted a special companion (other than me!?) to go on walks with. Cindy had in mind a cute little pooch who now goes by the name of Mr. Brooklyn and has indeed become a special companion to the whole family. Shortly after, Mr. Papi came to us followed by Miss Genie! In addition, we have Kyle, a pooch from one of my daughters means we now are hosts of four new kids!

Of course, with that, came another huge responsibility! I gave myself another daily job or outdoor cleanup task. But, somehow this task led me to finding a better “mouse trap” or cleaning tool that I found to assuage the dreadful thoughts of doing the everyday cleanup!  I tried a number of the leading pooper scoopers and contraptions but could not find one that would meet my expectations.  All had limitations.  Many required additional cleaning of the device after being used and if I neglected to clean them for a week or so, I found that the plastic would actually break when I tried scraping them clean. Some had springs and parts that rusted when left outside. I really wanted the Ultimate Scooper not a Picker!

I needed and wanted only one device that I could use for both the yard cleanup and for walks. It also had to stay clean. It had to be able to Scoop in the grass and snow and on a flat road surface. It needed to work with any texture poo in all weather. It had to use most any store bag that we had tons of. It had to be simple, quick and easy. It had to be very light, well balanced, strong and durable. I didn’t want to carry multiple bags on our walks, continually have to bend down, and worst of all, periodically getting my hands into it (YUCK!!) especially in the dark winter months after work!

After numerous design revisions, numerous prototypes and everyday testing with the Development Team, GoGo Stik The Totally Clean Dual-Edged Super Scoop was born! Why the name GoGo Stik? Well, why shouldn’t this task be a little fun? It’s easier and more fun than an adult PoGo Stick! Interest in the new GoGo Stik from a number of people led us to seek a patent. Not too long after, it was issued a utility patent from the US patent and trademark office

We soon became acquainted with a very special dog lover who happens to be perhaps the most talented artist in Central NY.  Jerry Russell has given GoGo Stik a special dimension and a presence with the work he has done with our logos, packaging and our website.  We should mention that our mascot pooch on our logos and website is named “Dexter” in tribute to a very special friend of Jerry’s and his wife Becky.  Dexter passed after living a very short but wonderful life.  He was adopted from a shelter as a pup and shortly thereafter battled with a cancer that left him with 3 legs, until his last days.  Thank you Jerry – and Dexter.

GoGo Stik – The Totally Clean Dual-Edge Super Scoop was formally released at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando on March 5th, 2014 and has found its way around the world with thousands of delighted users.  One of the great things about GoGo Stik is that this tool offers so much flexibility in the way it can be used.  You can grow with it.  The more you use it, the better and faster you get with it!

Because of the numerous requests from GoGo Stik users around the country, we will be introducing a new trend setting model for walking (and “Catching”) that will be hopefully available in late 2015.

We thank all GoGo Stik users for contributing in making this tool an up and coming new standard in pet waste cleanup. As our mission statement, we are totally committed to this product and stand behind it 100%. Customer satisfaction is first. Our goal is to provide the finest pet waste scoop tool available and make waste cleanup misery a thing of the past!

Please keep your comments coming!

Happy Scoopin’ & Catchin’!

Alec Beaton
GoGo Stik Customer Care

(p.s Be sure to click on our quick how to videos for tips and tricks on how to bag and best use the GoGo Stik! )